Greek Bridal Cultures

When most folks think of a greek bride, they picture the partners adoringly in front of a pastor and exchanging their commitments. But, there is so much more that makes a greek ceremony particular!

In the beginning of the ceremony, the bride’s koumpara ( best woman ) and her friends help her put on her dress. As the wedding waits outside of the cathedral, his koumbaro or koumbara will moreover aid him in getting dressed. During this time, the vicar’s friends did clean him as a sign of respect.

After the priest blesses the bracelets, they are placed on the third fingers of the newlyweds’ right arms– the left hand is for God and indicates morality. The Koumbaro or koumbara finally markets the crowns between the bride and groom three occasions. The stefana, which are two appeared veneers connected by a pale string, convey glory and honor for the innovative pair.

At the end of the betrothal service, the pair is given a pot to ingest from together. As a way to represent the unity of their life as a married pair, they drink from it three times. Any wine left in the glass is next consumed by the koumparos or koumbara at the conclusion of the ceremony.

The bride invites all second women to come up onto the dance floors and throws her bridal flowers into the air; the woman who catches it will be the one to marry! One of the sweetest greek bridal customs is this: After the dancing begins, visitors can put money or pin income to the newlyweds. A box of koufeta ( sugar-coated almonds ) is then given to them, which is an odd number that symbolizes purity and fertility.

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